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About Us & Let's have a chat about it

Lets have a chat about it

A little about us

 “Let’s have a chat about it” is a business owned and operated by the two of us in Adelaide South Australia. We are Holistic Life Coach and Massage Therapists who provide mentoring and massage services, for people who would like to would like to thrive, feel more alive, create a fulfilling life, and become successful at achieving goals.

As Life Coaches we are comfortable talking to people about many aspects of life. Having both had a broad working history, cultural background, and personal challenges have given us a broad knowledge base and skill set. We also have many years experience in Ayurvedic, Therapeutic, Relaxation, Massage Therapy. 

Our life experiences have given us a deep understanding of the adversity that many people face in their lives. As Life Coaches we enjoy mentoring people, assisting them to adapt and create success from just about any situation.

We are both strong, well-driven people, we enjoy art, different cultures and many aspects of creativity. Learning and experiencing new things are inspirational to us. Focusing on self-motivation is also important to us both.

How let's have a chat about it came about

Lets have a chat about it

 The concept “Let’s have a chat about it” Life Coach, mentoring and massage services, was developed from our life experiences. As Massage Therapists we have both always had a passion for helping people, being intuitive, able to connect with people easily, and tuning into their thoughts and feelings. 

Having holistic knowledge of the mind and body, as well as a good listening ear, is what lead us to adding Life Coaching certification to our skillset. We now offer Life Coaching in person, by phone call, and zoom appointments to people who would like some assistance with personal challenges and creating positive changes in their life.

Our experience in working as Holistic Ayurvedic Massage Therapy has also given us a good understanding of both physical and emotional blockages and the effects that they can have on people. We have also found that talking to someone with a positive outlook and creating a plan to work through these blockages has a similar effect to massage.

We enjoy providing a safe non-judgmental space and enjoy working with people from all cultures, and walks of life. 

As part of our life coach mentoring services, we happily give positive feedback, encouragement and guidance, and look for ways to help clear any blockages, or breakdown barriers that may be holding a person back from achieving success.


Why offer life coaching and massage combined into one appointment?

Massage lets have a chat about it
 We provide the option to have Life Coaching and Massage combined into one appointment. This allows you to experience a true holistic mind/body connection, so that you can become more aware of your deeper thoughts, feelings, and the related tension in your body. From our experience we have found this approach is highly effective in helping people gain clarity of thoughts while melting away tension and stress. You will  feel relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to set out with a fresh approach to life.  

When booking an appointment with us, you are not locked into any contract, you can freely book on an as needed basis, if that suits you. However booking regular appointments a few weeks or a month apart will be of benefit to you, particularly when working through a challenge or creating changes in your life.

If you would like to book an appointment with one of us in person here in Noarlunga South Australia, we would be happy to assist you, simply call, text or submit a request via our Contact Page on this website. 


Questions regarding appointments

  If you any questions regarding booking an appointment, please re contact via the Contact page on this website. 

If you are looking for a Mentor, Life Coach, or Massage Therapist and would like to talk to someone about a challenge, or goal that you would like to achieve success with, you can book an appointment with a member of our team. 


Online Life Coaching Classes

online coaching classes

You may also be interested in our Online Life Coaching Classes (Coming Soon)

As Life Coaches, Its important to us to reach as many people as possible. Throughout 2021 we will be releasing a series of Online Classes that you will be able to purchase and access whenever you would like to. This will enable us to deliver Life Coaching packages to people at an affordable price. You will be able to choose a class that best suits you and as many as you like. 

We will also be available via Phone Call Appointment to assist you, as you work through what you are learning from your classes. If you would like to receive updates on our upcoming Online Life Coaching Classes being released throughout 2021 please enter your email address in the subscription box below. 

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