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If you are looking for a Holistic Life Coach or Massage Therapist, Katharine Lockwood has a way that help you to feel relaxed and at ease. Her specialty is working with people using the combination of Life Coaching & Massage together in the one appointment.

This method is a great way to experience a mind/body connection, assisting you to connect with your true feelings, and gain clarity with what you would like to achieve. The added benefits of Holistic Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage will also leave you feeling rejuvenated by providing relief to muscle pain, tightness and tension. 

Katharine does also offer Life Coaching or Massage appointments separately. So whichever appointment option you choose, she will help you become more aware of your deeper thoughts, feelings, and the related tension in your body. 

She is intuitive, and enjoys assisting people to become mindful, and look at things from a different perspective. Her passion is to assist people to become their full potential. By finding their own identity, inner strength, personal power, passion, purpose, inspiration, creativity, and clarity.

If you are feeling a little stuck with a challenge, or setting goals, and would like some assistance with achieving success, she will be happy to help you. By using cognitive behavioural methods to help you identify specific problems or issues in your daily life, and assist you to learn new thinking and behavioural patterns and put them into practice.

When you book a Massage with Katharine, she will assist you to reset, relax, unwind, feel rejuvenated, and gain clarity, with her many years of experience in Ayurvedic Therapeutic, Relaxation, Massage and Pregnancy Massage. 

Katharine loves to inspire other people to find what it is, that gives them a sense of fun and adventure. Attending live concerts, camping, fishing, kayaking, travelling, comedy shows, and having a good belly laugh are all on Katharine’s regular to do list. She basically enjoys everything that adds a sense of fun and adventure to her life. 

Having a broad working history has given Katharine a large knowledge base, and skill set to draw on as a life coach and massage therapist. She has many years of experience in fields, such as: Holistic Ayurvedic Massage, Interior lining and decorating in the building industry, has owned and operated her own businesses, worked in Administration and business support, is a Website Designer/Developer and much more.

Life experience has given Katharine a deep understanding of the adversity that many people face in their lives. She has a good understanding of both physical and emotional, pain and how they can block people from achieving success

She has experienced and maintained a long term relationship with her partner, while establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with herself. She has also raised three children, who she loves dearly.

Katharine has a very strong growth mind-set and positive approach to life, she is a well-driven person, and enjoys helping other people adapt and create success from just about any situation.

You will feel comfortable talking to Katharine about any goals that you would like to achieve in your life. She is knowledgeable in areas of life such as: Well-being, Self-care, Meditation, Motivation, Relationships, Spirituality, Creativity, Parenting, as well as business set ups, website design, administration, building industry.

Katharine enjoys providing a service to people where they can talk freely about a goal or challenge that they would like to achieve success with. She will happily help you to become aware of any blockages or fears that may be holding you back, put things into perspective and gain clarity on how to move forward.

So.. if you would like to thrive, create a fulfilling life, and become successful at achieving your goals. Book an appointment with Katharine Lockwood, she will happily assist you.

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