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Kim and Katharine

Life Coaching Appointments

In Noarlunga South Australia
Can be combined with Massage

Massage lets have a chat about it

Massage Appointments

In Noarlunga South Australia
Can be combined with Life Coaching

Phone Call Appointments

Phone Call & Zoom Appointments


online coaching classes

Online Coaching

Will Be Available
Within Australia and Internationally

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How the Let's have a chat about it team works

Here at Let’s have a chat about it, we are a team of Holistic Life Coach and Massage Therapist’s who work with people looking to, thrive, feel more alive, create a fulfilling life, and become successful at achieving their goals.

We provide appointments in person for either Life Coaching, Massage, or Life Coaching & Massage Combined into the one appointment (most popular) in Noarlunga South Australia. Life Coaching Phone Call Appointments, are also available Australia Wide. 

If you are feeling a little lost, indecisive, unmotivated, overwhelmed, or have a tired achy body and would like some assistance with: 

  • Your general well-being
  • Learning how to relax and de-stress
  • Relief from body aches and pains
  • Boosting your mood and energy
  • Finding personal clarity 
  • Overcoming challenges 
  • Understanding your emotions
  • Clearing Limiting beliefs
  • Coping with life changes
  • Enhancing your relationships
  • Making positive changes
  • Starting a new project 
  • Setting goals
  • Achieving Success
You have come to the right place!

As Life Coaches we work both Holistically and Intuitively with people. We also use cognitive behavioral methods to help you identify specific problems or issues in your daily life, and assist you to learn new thinking and behavioral patterns and put them into practice. 

Together we can discover what happiness and fulfillment mean to you, what it is that truly inspires you, and help you set goals and work towards achieving them.

We can also assist you to reset, relax, unwind, feel rejuvenated, and gain clarity, with our many years of experience in Ayurvedic Therapeutic, Relaxation, Massage. (Pregnancy Massage Available) You will feel revived and ready to set out with a fresh approach to life.

If you would like to book an appointment with one of us, or discuss appointment options, simply contact us to arrange a suitable time. 

Our mentoring services can be particularly useful if you are about to make self improvements or have already begun. Having someone to talk to and check in with regularly, to help keep you motivated and assist you to work through challenges that may arise, can greatly enhance your success with reaching your goals.
Lets have a chat about it
Katharine Lockwood Life Coach
Katharine Lockwood
Kim Lockwood Life Coach
Kim Lockwood

Consultation Fees

Life Coaching/Massage Combined:

$110 AUD for 90 mins

$140 AUD for 120 mins

 Life Coaching Appointments:

$80 AUD for 60 mins

Massage Appointments: 

$80 AUD for 60 mins

$110 AUD for 90 mins

We Accept the following payments: 

Cash, Direct Deposit, Credit Card, and Afterpay 

How to book an Appointment with one of us in person

Kim and Katharine

In Noarlunga South Australia

As Holistic Life Coaches & Massage Therapist’s, we understand that everyone’s needs are Unique. This is why we have multiple appointment options for you to choose from. You can book a Life Coach Appointment, a Massage Appointment, or choose to have Life Coach & Massage Combined into the one appointment.

Our Life Coach & Massage Combined appointments allow you to experience a true holistic mind/body connection, allowing you to become more aware of your deeper thoughts, feelings, and the related tension in your body. We have found this approach to be highly effective in helping people to gain clarity of thoughts while melting away tension and stress. 

We do recommend that you consider booking regular appointments weekly, fortnightly, or monthly (depending on your circumstances) if you are working on achieving a long term goal, struggling to overcome a particular challenge or would like to achieve a harmonious body balance with regular massage treatments.

For all appointments, please go to the Contact page and call or text us directly. We will be happy to discuss our appointment options with you.

How our Massage appointments without life Coaching work

Massage lets have a chat about it

In Noarlunga South Australia

If you are in need of a Massage without Life Coaching, we have got you covered. You can Simply let your body do the talking and enjoy the benefits of a Ayurvedic, Therapeutic, Relaxation, Lymphatic Drainage, Massage and or Pregnancy Massage. 

We have over 14 years experience in assisting people decrease body tension, pain and stress, with our relaxing, rejuvenating full body oil massage techniques. 

Ayurvedic Massage can assist you to – Relax your muscles – Provide relief from stress – Improve your blood circulation – Enhance skin tone & skin health – Boost your mood & your energy – Reduce the effects of pain & inflammation – Alleviate sleep disorders – Promote balance, harmony & general wellbeing

We will have you ready to float out the door and ready to set out with a fresh approach to life.

Mobile massage group booking enquiries are welcome, for example: If you live in a country area or would like to organise a pampering day for a group of people, feel free to contact us to discuss a package to suit. Travel fees may apply for country areas.


How our Life Coach phone call appointments work

At Let’s have a chat about it, we provide Phone Call and Zoom Appointments Australia Wide, so that you can make use of our Life Coaching services no matter where you live. You can book an Appointment on an as needed basis. If all you require is to gain a little clarity with something you are already working to achieve, we understand that one appointment may be all that you need.

We recommend that you consider booking a few regular appointments weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, (depending on your circumstances) if you are working on achieving a long term goal, or struggling to overcome a particular challenge. This will allow time to identify any patterns in your life that no longer suit you. We can then work together to find a suitable solution for you.

You are not required to sign up for multiple appointments with our Life Coaches. You can book an appointment whether you only require assistance once, twice, or on the odd occasion. Simply book an appointment and your Life Coach will call you.


How our Online Life Coaching Classes will work

online coaching classes
Online Coaching Classes

Within Australia
and International

As Life Coaches, Its important to us to reach as many people as possible. Throughout 2021 we will be releasing a series of Online Classes that you will be able to purchase and access whenever you would like to. 

This will enable us to deliver Life Coaching packages to people at an affordable price. You will be able to choose a class that best suits you and as many as you like. 

We will also be available via Appointment to assist you on an as needed basis, as you work through what you are learning from your classes. If you would like to receive updates on our upcoming Online Life Coaching Classes being released, please enter your email address in the subscription box at the bottom of this page.

Examples of how we can assist you:

Our values

As Professional Life Coach and Massage Therapists, we each have our own unique way of working with people, but ultimately we share the same goal. 
Our aim is to provide a service to people where they can talk freely, reset, connect with their true feelings, gain clarity, feel both mentally and physically refreshed and rejuvenated. 

 When you release both the tension in your body and what is churning around in your head, you free yourself up, to begin to look at things from a different perspective. 
We are then able to work together with a clear approach to setting the goals that you would like to achieve. 
Our team of Life Coach/Massage Therapists are kind, respectful, confidential, non-judgmental and intuitive people, who enjoy helping others achieve success. 
For us, if we are able to provide a mentoring/massage service that assists you to gain clarity, feel relaxed, rejuvenated, supported, encourages personal growth and expansion, it gives us a sense of happiness too. 
Our professional life motto is: “To assist you in achieving your full potential” and “Stand in your own power” therefore “Helping you to create a more liveable Life.
If you would like to thrive feel more alive and create a fulfilling life, book an appointment and Let’s have a chat about it! 
We will be happy to work with you.


Jude Hanlon
Jude Hanlon
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Very insightful and supportive. Provides honest and positive forward thinking strategies to assist personally, as we continue our journey in life. Thank you
Jo Belton
Jo Belton
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Friendly, helpful advice. Easy to talk to. Recommend